Canossian Daughters of Charity, Servants of the Poor

St. Magdalene
St. Bakhita

  • St. Josephine Bakhita 聖若瑟芬栢姬達
  • Born in Sudan (1869) 生於蘇丹 Died in Schio (1947)
  • Bakhita was kidnapped when she was about seven years old.
  • Bakhita forgot her own name, so the abductors gave her the name “Bakhita,” or “the Lucky One”.
  • Bakhita was sold and re-sold to many different slave dealers all of whom tortured her. She underwent indescribable suffering particularly during her adolescent years.
  • In the Capital of Sudan, Bakhita was bought by an Italian Consul, Callisto Legnani. She was treated in a loving and cordial way. In the Consul's residence, Bakhita experienced peace, warmth and moments of joy, even though veiled by nostalgia for her own family, whom, perhaps, she had lost forever.
  • Bakhita followed the new "family", which settled in Zianigo (near Mirano Veneto). When their daughter Mimmina was born, Bakhita became her babysitter and friend.
  • Bakhita received the sacraments of Christian initiation and was given the new name, Josephine. It was January 9, 1890.
  • On December 8, 1896 Josephine Bakhita was consecrated forever to God whom she called with the sweet expression "the Master!"
  • For another 50 years, this humble Daughter of Charity, a true witness of the love of God, lived in the community in Schio, engaged in various services: cooking, sewing, embroidery and attending to the door.
  • A man was in the car with his son and a truck crossed the road. It crashed into the car smashing it. They were pulled out of the car and were completely unharmed. In the car there was a medal of Bakhita, so they attributed to her this grace and they came to Schio to thank her.
  • A lady, the niece of a Canossian Sister, was expecting a child and she was told that the child would be born with Down syndrome and was advised to have an abortion. She came with her mother to Bakhita at Schio, to ask for a special grace because she did not want an abortion. A normal and beautiful girl was born to her ... Bakhita had answered her prayer!
  • A little girl was suffering from a heart disease; her heart beat was just forty. The doctors did not understand what was wrong. The child's father came to pray to Bakhita and to ask the Sisters to pray because nothing is impossible to God. Everyone prayed with faith to Bakhita and when they brought the child for a check-up, they found that the heart beat had become suddenly eighty, which is normal. The girl had no more trouble after that.